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Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the banks of the Susquehanna River, Oneonta is centrally located between the urban areas of Binghamton and Albany, with easy access to Interstate 88, the major east/west transportation route between Albany and western New York.


The Oneonta Municipal Airport is located three miles from the center of Oneonta.


Oneonta has grown from its origins as an Indian council site to become the leading educational, cultural, business, retail, and professional center for the Tri-County area of Otsego, Delaware, and Schoharie.

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Oneonta contains a number of significant employers, including A.O. Fox Hospital, Hartwick College, SUNY Oneonta, the Oneonta Job Corps Center, NYSEG, Verizon, Corning Corporation, Community Bank, the ARC, NBT Bank, Astrocom Electronics, F.N. Burt Company, Custom Electronics, Ioxus, The Daily Star, Key Bank, and the Mold-A-Matic Corporation.

The retail and service sectors also employ a large number of people at major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, T.J. Maxx, Hannaford, BJs, Wal-Mart, and J.C. Penney.

Economic Development

Oneonta works on a number of fronts to strengthen the local economy. These initiatives include support of the arts community, development of new housing options, and job creation and retention.


Oneonta is home to A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital, part of Bassett Healthcare. Founded in 1900 by Colonel Fox and dedicated to the memory of his wife Aurelia Osborn, this hospital offers a 258-bed acute care facility and nursing home with 24-hour physician staffed emergency department as well as five outreach centers and a wide range of clinical and diagnostic services.


During the summer, daytime temperatures can reach 90 degrees. Mean temperatures in July are between 70 and 75 degrees. Winters are generally cold, with an average January temperature of 18 to 25 degrees.